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Small Business Support

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Small Business Support

Motif Accounting provides a thorough range of services to support all your small business needs.


Great bookkeeping helps maintain a business’s organization, profitability and keeps everything under control. Additionally, efficient bookkeeping will provide you with a clear picture of your company’s financial health.

As a small business owner, you might feel stressed to maintain all bookkeeping and accounting records by yourself. You can rely on our Small Business Accountants in Leicester for a professional management of accounts, with expert knowledge and smart solutions. Motif Accounting can help you with all your bookkeeping needs. We will organize and maintain all of your accounts, ensuring they are up to date and are compliant with all of your requirements. We are also here to help you organize your daily finances and, offer you feedback in regards to how your business is coping and methods to improve it.

With our support, small business owners in London can keep focus on other important aspects of business generation, while we maintain their account.



Our team of Small Business Accountants provides payroll services to small and medium enterprises in Leicester, East Midlands and West Midland in general. After consulting with us you can either outsource us your payroll work helping you to save time and focus it in the main aspects of your business, or we can install the necessary payroll software in your company server/ pc where appropriate for your use. We can also train your staff on payroll as necessary.

Managing all the aspect of wage payments can be time consuming and take you time from the core activities of your business.

Our accountants in Leicester offer dedicated payroll management services. From deductions calculation to customized payslips as required, or summaries and analyses of staff cost. The overall process will be easier for you and your company.

Our Small Business Accountant team helps small business owners keep track of expenses with easy payroll management solutions, calculate all the numbers related to tax deductions, and free up their valuable time to focus in other import aspects of business.


The sole trader might seem easy to maintain but in the long run, any form of accounts and statutory work become time consuming and tough to maintain. At Motif Accounting, we are dedicated and will work on all your accounting an taxation affairs, freeing up your valuable time and making sure you comply with all your requirements and are taking advantage of all potential financial benefits. Visit our services page to know further in details what can we do for you.